Autumn in the Catskills

Nothing beats the views in Upstate NY during Fall. I am centrally located near the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains. In the past I have traveled to the Catskills and have completed all five of the firetowers. I decided to head out this weekend to add another Catskill mountain to my list.

I chose Bramley Mountain, located in Delhi NY. This trail is the fifth addition created by the Catskill Mountain Club. The trail is located off of a dirt road and offers parking for up to 15 cars. This scenic loop is roughly 4 miles long and gives you two trail options to choose from.

Bramley Mountain Trail

I started with the Quarry Trail which began as an easy walk through deep woods and slowly gained in elevation. Although the climb to the summit was fairly easy, I did work up a sweat the last .5 miles. It would be easy to get lost in the woods, especially with all of the fallen leaves, but the trail is extremely well marked with blue trail markers and arrows at times to make sure you were heading in the right direction.  

It took me about 1 hour at a steady pace to reach the summit. At the top there were two spots that offered amazing views of the Catskill Range. I happened to go during peak week, so the foliage was on point and blazing for miles. I stopped at the top for a few minutes to snap some photos, catch my breath, and then headed back down the mountain.

I chose to descend down the Summit Trail, which looped back to the parking area. This trail was very wide and seemed to be a four-wheeling trail. It was a peaceful walk through the woods and there were some occasional hills to climb down. I was able to capture some great videos of all of the leaves falling, it was as though it was raining leaves! I was able to get back down the mountain in 30 mins, running at times when the trail was flat.

Overall this was an easy climb, close to home, and offered great views of the changing trees. I lucked out and happened to go during Taste of the Catskills, which was going on right down the road. This year was the 10th year that the event has been going on. It is located at Maple Shade Farm and offered numerous activities, food and vendors. The farm is an amazing venue and has a beautiful vintage barn, where they hold weddings and other special events.

Taste of the Catskills, Maple Shade Farm

Here is a list of the vendors that I was able to check out while I was there.

  • I had a nice cold Rare Voss from Ommegang.
  • Brought home some Ginger Hibiscus Cider from Awestruck
  • Spiced Honey Liquor from KAS Spirits, which pairs nicely with lemon and apple cider
Festival Swag

I will hopefully be heading back to the Catskills in the next few weeks to check off a few more must do hikes.

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